There was a cute little girl, her name was Aadvika.She was very curious to study and learn new things.When she was 2years 3month old a tutor come to her home to teach her elder brother and sister.She was so curious, she always picks a notebook in her small hands and drags it to the room in which the tutor used to teach her siblings.The way she looked at the tutor he could not refuse to her.He gives her to write few things.

When she grew up she got admission in a school.She was very excited.She used to wake up early in the morning to go to school.She was very good in studies.But, then she faced a situation in her young age.She was very naughty and foodie also.She loves chocolate.Because of her chocolate love, her face got covered with many rashes.She didn’t feel embarrassed.But she felt it.

One day she asked one of her school friend for a pencil.But she refused.Aadvika didn’t understood why she refused for that.Suddenly a boy said to her,”Yawk! who will talk to you.U are so Ugly.”Then she came to know that why her friend refused to lend her a pencil.She didn’t reacted at that moment.But she cried whole night.In the morning when her mother came to her she found the pillow wet because of her tears.Her mother didn’t ask her anything.But she started noticing her activities.Aadvika was very jolly girl,who always smile and make everyone smile but now she has lost her smile.Her mother came to know the reason of aadvika’s sadness.One day her mother came to her in the night and said,”Darling,sometimes it happens that people don’t understand our value,but we have to maintain ourself in that way that nobody forget our vale.You focus on your study.If you will be good in your study then people will come and talk to you.”

That conversation with her mother changed Aadvika’s attitude towards others.She started focusing on her studies and because of her excellent performance in her class every student wants to talk to her.But all those humiliations she has faced in the past, she didn’t have any aggression or anger in her heart.She interacted r everyone with a smile on her face.And because of the treatment the rashes on her face also get cured and again she became as beautiful she was earlier and it also empowered her confidence more.


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Chase : The Race is still on… ​

We all are familiar with a line that,”Life is a Race”.The first stage of a human life’s race is “sperm“.Then we chase others to win and the wining price is to get fertilised with an egg.Now, in the second stage we have a new form which is known as “fetus“.During this stage we reside inside our mother’s womb and there still we have to chase for our transformation.This time we have a race for the survival of our form inside the womb and take a shape which will be our next stage.But there is also a game factor which we call disqualifying.Like,when we take part in a race if we don’t do it well then we get disqualified and this is a fear which is going to last forever and ever.In this stage we name the disqualification as abortion.

Here comes the third stage of our race and this stage is promoted from a “fetus” to “a baby“.But the racing and chasing is still on.In this stage we fought for our survival to enter into a new world.We fought from being miscarriaged or aborted. People use many measures to judge the survival of the baby.For example, sex of the baby.But in some cases many lose or get disqualifed because of some natural reasons.

Now comes our next level of life,fourth one,which is getting born.After birth the baby fight for his own survival and try to live in this world which is completely new or we can call it strange for him.But still he is chasing and in the race.

Hufff! We have been already travelled a lot but still the race is on and we are a participant of it.So, here we face a new hurdle which is known as “schooling”.Now, we went to school and there we came to know about a very furious thing that,whom I defeated before was not the participants actually “I am not alone in the race”.They were just some hurdles.My actual race is with these other people in this school.But here enters a new hurdle in the race which is known as emotions or feelings.When we were racing at our school stage we get connected with some participants and there we get feelings,which came because of a very different factor which we named as “friendship”.Here comes a weird situation where we have to face a hurdle which is, facing our own friends.But we are the most powerful participants because we always cheat at this stage.Most of the participants give priority to the feeling which we call friendship and start cheating but there are still many who take this race very seriously and they always feels like defeat others with a thought in there mind “like I care”.But the cheating participants are the one who enjoy the race on the fullest in comparison to the serious one because they have company of those who care for them.

Woa! Take a pause here we have to break our fairy tale because this is end of our fourth stage.Now, fifth stage, “The college”.In this level of race we face another hurdle which is how to get a college.But don’t forget about that disqualification because at this those who get one is qualified.Wow man, race is becoming tuff now.And here comes a surprise we and our school companions are not only the participants there are many others like us chasing eachother.So after getting a college we qualify this level but with this qualifications a new journey start which is known as “adult age”.Here the race becomes interesting with lots of distractions like studies, friendships, love, breakups, hookups, etc.But as we say the race is still on.

Aarrrgghh! End of another interesting level with a lots of sweet and sour memories of our journey.Now, the most complicated stage of our life “employment”.After college,we go and search for the jobs according to our skills and interest to be in the race.Many of lucky ones qulaify this level easily but some with a hard luck try to qualify it with a hope that they can and they will.But some participants are also there who get disqualified because of certain reasons, like, marriage, depression.But the race is still on.At this very stage we face our friends who get qualified easily but we still in chasing span.But somehow most of us qualify this level also.

Now, “marriage”.This is a stage of life where all the sense organ stops to work,the only way to qualify this satge is to go through this and take a stand for ourselves.The thing which is challenging here is choosing one of our companions as our partner, who will be racing on our side.At this stage, we face a lot of selections and rejections but in the end we have to pick one, exceptions are always there.Oops! Some other difficulty level here in this stage is separation, divorce,etc.

Ting ting, a very exciting stage where we have another participant but not of our race and we call this stage as “parenting”.At this stage we contribute another participant to another race but still our race is on.and at this stage we have to grow that another participant well and make him able to fight for himself.

Lastly, the last stage of our race, which is the “oldage”.Here we see others and our kids racing and chasing for there survival.But you know what is the best part of this stage, we came to realise that the race in which we are a participant is actually not a race with others but it is actually with ourselves.We have to chase ourselves and our dreams.We have to defeat ourself to win.When we will overcome our fears our failures we will win.And we try to explain this to the new participants but they don’t listen to us because we also did the same with our parents.We were running in the race but we didn’t realised that we are running from whom.The time we realise this,the race will become much easy because as we know it will last forever as a loop until we get disqualified with a factor known as “death”.